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Bigshot Productions: Camera Cars

Bigshot Productions Camera CarThe reliable Classic Camera Car features rugged three axle construction coupled with a wide stance for maximum stability.


The front camera platform is detachable and can be reattached, high or low, on either side of the vehicle. The platform is designed to carry two cameras and four people in complete safety.


Additional camera platforms are located over the cab and on the rear of the vehicle.
Self-correcting rear air suspension gives you chatter-free running shots every time.


Each Classic vehicle carries an onboard 200 amp AC crystal sync generator and compressed air outlets.


Picture vehicles can be towed from 11 hook-on points around the Classic. The built-in side tow bar can be adjusted from 0 to 16' in 4" increments offering the director an infinite choice of camera angles.



Classic Camera Car includes:

  • Camera mounts
  • Risers and plates

Optional equipment includes:

  • Large process trailer
  • Motorcycle process trailer
  • Vehicle and motorcycle dollies
  • Tab or chain tow bar


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