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Bigshot Productions: Camera Cranes

Bigshot Productions is proud to announce it's NEW 86ft Monster Akela Crane which is one of the longest arms available.


Akela Camera Cranes

Bigshot Production's offers three versions of the Akela Crane: 53', 80' and the new 86'. The Akela Monster 86ft Crane is one of the longest arms available. It has a lens height of 70', a 86' reach and a 20X20 footprint. It is supported by self leveling jacks and has a telescoping center post for added height.

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Enlouva Camera Cranes

Enlouva IV crane is made from lightweight aluminum and is easy to assemble and operate. Use with the Enlouva base or Mammoth base and the crane can achieve a maximum lens height of 23'8" and a minimum lens height of -15', for a total lift range of 38'8".

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Pegasus Camera Cranes

The Pegasus crane features easy to assemble interlocking sections giving you maximum safety on both rideable and remote cranes. Both the lattice stainless steel and box frame aluminum versions of the crane offer you remarkable stability combined with ease of movement.

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Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes

Complete with it’s own remote head, the Jimmy Jib can be constructed in various lengths from a 6 foot reach to 24 foot reach. The Jimmy Jib is configured to be operated by a single person who controls the arm movement, camera pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris on the lens.
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