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Bigshot Productions - Akela Crane 86'Bigshot Productions: Akela Cranes


Akela Crane 86ft

Bigshot Production's Akela Monster 86ft Crane is one of the longest arms available. It has a lens height of 70', a 86' reach and a 20X20 footprint. It is supported by self leveling jacks and has a telescoping center post for added height.

Bigshot Productions Akela Monster 86'

Akela Crane 80ft

  • Set up time 2.5 hours
  • Strike Time 1.5 hours
  • Arm Reach 80ft 73ft and 66ft
  • Lens Height 60ft 53ft and 46ft
  • bigshot.tvOverall Arm Length at 91ft, 84ft and 77ft
  • Max Nose Load 130 lbs. (80ft), 200 lbs. (73ft), and 225 lbs. (66ft)
  • Footprint needed for operation 20ft X 20ft
  • bigshot.tvTransported in a 28 foot trailer complete with a 4-Wheel Drive Gator for Akela Placement.

Akela Crane Jr 53ft

  • Bigshot.tvSet up time 1.5 hours
  • Strike time 1 hour
  • Arm Reach 53ft 46ft 39ft and 32ft
  • Lens Height Underslung 50ft 43ft 36ft and 32ft
  • Overall Arm Length 62ft’ 55ft 48ft and 41ft
  • Max nose load 150lbs. (53ft), 175lbs.(46ft) 200lbs. (39ft) and 225lbs.(32ft)
  • Footprint needed for operation 20ft X 20ft
  • Transported in a 12 foot trailer.

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